Nihon Sakari Banshaku Karakuchi

Region: Hyogo

Profile: So-shu

Grade: Futsushu

Brewery: Nihon Sakari

This sake has a fresh, clean and dry flavor with subtle aromas. Nihon Sakari Banshaku holds a flavor that does not tire of drinking. Has a sharp, quick finish and light body. Please enjoy either chilled or warmed for two unique experiences. Nihon Sakari is one of Japan’s largest breweries with over 120 years of history. It brews its sake with Miyamizu water, a famous source of spring water in Hyogo that contains rich minerals and little to no iron.

  • SMV +4.5
  • ABV 13.5%
  • Rice Type: Local Rice Seimaibuai 75%
  • Available Sizes: 200ml