What We Do

We don’t just sell sake, we are a company dedicated to defining premium Japanese sake in Texas. Our team of certified sake sommeliers has a passion for sake culture and education that it strives to share with the community every day.

Genji Sake offers over 70 unique sakes from a wide range of Japanese breweries who craft what is known as jizake, or regional sake. Every sake is made up of only four ingredients: rice, water, koji and yeast. These simple ingredients, along with a brewers’ personal touch, create a myriad of flavors and aromas that span across Genji’s portfolio. We offer some of the most well-known premium sakes in Japan, along with up-and-coming sakes that have never been seen in Texas.

how we do it

Tailored Sake Tastings & Trainings

We take pride in not only our superior product, but equally in our superior customer service and education. Every venue we touch is given a professional sake tasting, staff training and sake classes tailored to each group’s unique needs. All meetings are led by one of our sake sommeliers, with the intention of making the Texas service industry and its consumers more knowledgeable and passionate about sake.

Open Brewery Seminars

It is our priority to show the Texas community the roots of authentic sake—the folks who really craft it. That’s why we work to bring Japanese brew masters to Texas, in order to close the gap between the consumer and the source.

Custom Event Sponsorship

Supporting our local community of restaurants and bars is at the top of our list. We believe there is no better way to enjoy sake than with amazing food and great company. That’s why we partner with local restaurants for sake pairing nights and other custom events. Visit our contact page to book your next sake event, or check out our events page to join us!


Our products come not only with expert training and support, but with fair pricing, careful storage and refrigerated delivery.

We guarantee 100% refrigerated delivery, from brewery to restaurant, to ensure quality and consistent flavors.

We deliver to all major cities in Texas, and offer flexible and timely deliveries.