Nanbu Bijin Daiginjo

Region: Iwate

Profile: Kun-shu

Grade: Daiginjo

Brewery: Nanbu Bijin

Made with local sake rice from Iwate. Its floral aroma is followed by a full-bodied yet soft flavor, yielding the perfect balance of fragrance and taste. The flavors are reminiscent of pears and muscat grapes with a clean and crisp finish. Nanbu Bijin was established in 1902, when most sake breweries wanted to make very sweet sake. However, Nanbu Bijin strived to make beautiful, smooth and clean sake like a fair southern maiden. Hence the name “Southern Beauty”.

  • SMV +3
  • ABV 16.5%
  • Rice Type: Ginotome Seimaibuai 40%
  • Available Sizes: 720ml

Where to Buy:

H Mart Katy Liquor Park