Mutsu Otokoyama Chokara Tokubetsu Junmai

Region: Aomori

Profile: So-shu

Grade: Junmai

Brewery: Hachinohe Shuzo

Extra dry, sharp, and clean. Memorable impact on the palate with subtle grain aromas. Enjoy with rich dishes such as tempura and red meat. Mutsu Otokoyama Chokara, or “Man’s Mountain”, is a beloved sake in local Aomori fishing villages and is brewed with organic local rice and natural spring water. Its brewery, Hachinohe Shuzo, has history dating back to 1775; its original brick warehouse and wooden main buildings are designated as National Tangible Cultural Properties.

  • SMV +11
  • ABV 16%
  • Rice Type: Masshigura Seimaibuai 65%
  • Available Sizes: 300ml, 1.8L